Active & Growing (Active Growth)

    Living a fulfilling and productive life is possible, but it doesn’t happen accidentally. We must intentionally instill and actively pursue the qualities, characteristics, and practices that lead to healthy growth. Living abundantly requires we actively pursue and instill the qualities that will take us from good ideas to substance.

All growth is not healthy growth. 

    We can all relate that too much input without proper output does not bode well for our bodies. In other words, growing bigger can mean something different than growing more robust, more adaptive, and ready to take on the challenges of each day. We need the proper input (wisdom, knowledge, and information) and output (activity, practices, collaboration, and embodied character qualities) to experience optimal health and growth. That is a physical reality for our bodies and formation as individuals and organizations. 

    When certain qualities are active and growing, we have the substance needed for healthy activity and growth. There is no magic formula or an easy fix; vigorous growth is a journey that takes both time and commitment. Because every individual and organization is different, healthy productivity and growth require experimentation, practice, and patience. Just as enduring buildings need sturdy foundations, we must also take the steps necessary to ensure that our lives and organizations are built on substance and will exemplify our values. 


    Active growth is a way of being, adopting qualities that permeate every area of life. We help individuals and organizations experience active growth by coaching in manageable, bite-sized chunks. Dynamic change and development are simple but require a commitment to actively implementing and living the qualities and characteristics imbued in healthy people and organizations. To grow, we all need deep inner honesty and a desire for clarity regarding our deepest motivations. Our passion is encouraging individuals and organizations to build and practice qualities and characteristics that improve lives, interactions, and operations.

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