Cargo Pants & Work Shoes? Really? (Personal Growth)

Use what you have to take action.
You don't have to be perfect to get started.

    All sorts of people frequent the running and walking loop near my home. Most look as expected, dressed for exercise and running the course. But others look out of place. One man, in particular, stands out, jogging daily in cargo pants and work shoes. I used to wonder why. But as I learned more, I developed a sense of respect for him.

    This man mostly lives in his van and runs daily because he's focused on his growth and the person he's becoming. He is not allowing past faults, failures, and addictions to define his life. Instead, he is doing what he can to transform, and running is part of his becoming. He's leaving his old life behind and moving toward becoming the kind of person he admires. 

    Currently, he lives in his van and does not have the proper gear for running, but he has chosen to use the resources he has to take action. He works, keeps his clothes clean, and runs, and over time, he is strengthening his body and mind and building his bank account to improve his life incrementally. He has a shape in mind for his life and is moving toward it. Being the kind of person who exercises and is healthy, body and mind, is part of his desired identity, so he's implementing change right where he's at, no matter what other people think.

    What kind of person are you becoming, and what steps are you taking to get there? Your past and what you lack in the present do not define you. What is important is the shape you are taking and the steps needed to get there. Without a form in mind, your actions and knowledge will not necessarily bring you in the right direction. Many of us get stuck rehearsing our regrets, failures, or how we have been disappointed. Even seemingly good goals that do not match our shape can take us off course. Defining a desired outcome can be a great place to start.

    Until we decide what and who will define and direct us, outside forces and inner demons will rise to fill the void. When those forces are allowed to persist, disintegration occurs, and confusion remains. It sounds simple, but considering who you want to become and defining a few practical steps can change your life. What shoes will you lace up today? They don't need to be perfect; they just need to get you on your way. 

    What shape do you want your life to take, and what simple, practical steps can get you started? 

Active Growth Step

I am becoming the kind of person who 1. __________, 2.__________, and 3.__________.

Consider using words like values, enjoys, exhibits, prioritizes, risks, serves, forgives, releases, is thankful for, is passionate about, is warm and friendly, is alert to, is disciplined, is patient with. 


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